Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Birthday Letter to Tina Turner - November 19, 2013

Dear Tina-

Happy Birthday!  And many, many more!

As a singer you've had your vocal ups and downs, haven't you? 

But unmistakably, for your best and most powerful singing, for the most consistently secure, healthy, and reliable singing I've ever heard from you in live performance, that would be December of 2000.  I'm sure you remember what your singing was like then in the last weeks of your "24/7 Tour," and for seven years after.

It is so regrettable that this superb technique did not last longer, and that in your 2008-09 tour you had to revert to your older vocal methods.  You had to go through such an exhausting experience, struggling to get through so many of those shows with accumulating vocal strain and damage. 

But that does not mean it's over.

Would you like to be able to sing again with the great technique you had at the end of the 24/7 Tour?

I can help you.  I am intimately aware of the all the positive changes your singing technique went through from October to December of 2000.  I understand the process -the metamorphosis - that resulted in such exceptional and gratifying singing for you.  I can guide you through that kind of process again.

Despite your recent vocal frustrations, you can sing as well again as you were singing back then, and even better.  I guarantee it.  If you will agree to an audition, I can and will prove the truth of all of my statements in this letter to your complete satisfaction.


Brian Stewart
Performer's Coach and Troubleshooter

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